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What Clients have to Say

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Sky Gerlowski

The gratitude I have for Chrystal surpasses anything that can be understood in this realm. I am incredibly blessed to have enjoyed her space holding, ceremonial, and energy work and would like to specifically note how safe and cared for I have felt in her presence each time. Her careful teaching, preparations, and integration of the work that we have done together have assisted and guided my development in a beautiful way. Thank you

Heather Gosliner

I am so grateful for the care that Chrystal gave me. She took me through multiple kambo ceremonies and I feel amazing. I have many years of health issues and was not sure I believed the medicine would work. I am so happy I stayed with it, because I feel amazing. I have energy for the first time in my life. I’ve been told I look healthier. I have had some important life changing “ah ha” moments as well. Chrystal is a beautiful energy worker and I appreciate her professionalism and respect for the medicine. I felt safe and cared for during ceremony.

Ange Waters

I cannot recommend her services enough. I did a Kambo cleanse and it really set me on the right path. I had been feeling sluggish and issues with my gut health. Since the cleanse, my body has been much happier and healthier overall. Can't wait for my next session.
Chrystal makes the entire process comfortable and easy, highly recommended!!!

Glenn Mavor

Chrystal has cultivated a crystalline practice.. a high vibration that I could reach for and match with. I felt safe, seen and nurtured. There is an abundance of respect and reverence for the medicine as well as a coherence with its potential for what someone like me can experience. I had permission to release and cleanse in my own way and experienced my own natural healing ability come alive through this expertly administered Kambo. I learned from a master who stoked my courage and strength. I am deeply appreciative.. grateful for this offering, this divine earthly experience, in my quest to be whole, healthy, natural and relaxed. Thank you! ♥️🙏🏽

Britt Peters

I had a wonderful experience trying Kambo for the first time with Chrystal. I was comfortable from the first minute I arrived, and enjoyed the ceremony and process way more than I expected. Not to mention, I feel fabulous since my three sessions. I will definitely be back and thankful for the experience. I highly recommend any healing journey Chrystal offers!

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