What they're saying

“After going through a rough patch last year I decided to turn to mother ayahuasca and attend a ceremony to try and release some of the pain that was festering within me. I had faith in the healing properties of this sacred plant medicine having done a couple of ceremonies in the past.


However, my intention differed this time from the past ceremonies. Previously I has asked for guidance and “to be shown” this time I was asking for release. What I wanted this time was to try & take some of the pain/ shame and other low vibration feelings that were affecting me in my day to day life and also in my sleep through bad dreams.


What actually happened was like an exorcism of that hurt and pain. I think subconsciously I had tried to suppress a lot of what had happened but the medicine made me acknowledge, face it and work through it.

I had some major clarity and understanding but it was all pretty painful. Throughout the ceremony and in my darkest moments I was always aware that Chrystal was watching over me even from a distance. I was somehow still aware of her loving, compassionate presence and despite the intense purging and falling in and out of consciousness I never felt alone or afraid.


I was completely reassured that she was with me every step of the way. Her gentle, soothing voice would occasionally ask me if I was ok and whether I needed anything. When the ceremony drew to a close most people decided to share their experiences. At this point I didn’t feel ready to talk about my experience or share with the group.


Afterwards Chrystal came up to me and there was a mutual understanding, woman to woman that after I had processed the events of that night I might feel more inclined to open up on a one to one basis. She gave me her details and reassured me that if I did need any support or anything at all for that matter, that she was there.


A few days later she messaged me just checking in and the see how I was doing. I was really touched by her concern and kindness. In that moment I felt compelled to open up to her and pour out my heart. Up until this point I had been very reserved and ashamed to tell anyone what I had been through. Despite her being somewhat of a stranger just a few days before there was something about her that I knew I could trust and I knew that there would be zero judgement.


The words came tumbling out of me and my story began to tell itself. Confiding in Chrystal (along with participating in the ceremony itself) was absolutely the best decision I could have made. She also shared a similar experience she’d had with me.


There was a sense of understanding and female solidarity but also hope for the future knowing that she had been through something so similar and emerged so radiant the other side. She really helped me heal from what was a very difficult time. The weeks after taking the medicine I felt a huge shift and like a weight had been lifted.


I was operating at a much higher frequency than before and felt myself radiating positivity. Chrystal played a huge part in the process for me and I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much”.


– Minty