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Yoga & Meditation

"Yoga saved my Life"


If you hop over to my blog section, you will find an entry way back from 2018 on how ‘Yoga Saved My Life’, and that is the truth.


In the summer of 2020 amidst the nearly worldwide shift of the ‘pandemic’ I was blessed with receiving a scholarship to attain my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training.


For me, this was something that carried immense gratitude, as it was providing me the ability to delve deeper into an area that saved my life after being sick, and additionally now I am able to share this ancient healing modality with others through teaching yoga.

I absolutely love teaching and sharing alternative medicines, and watching the ripple effect of each of my students personal growth.

If you are interested in my teaching, kindly reach out to me so that we may connect.

Namaste Soul Siblings

Meditation Practice


The beauty of going within..

Finding that quiet space, or sometimes not so quiet space, and sitting with the internal self.

This is the place of Observation.

This is where we learn about our truth.

This is where we begin to connect with our Divine Essence.


Follow the Breath, Observe the patterns, Release what is not serving your highest vibration, and Accept.

Accept the perfectly imperfect nature of YOU.

Om Shanti OM

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