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About Healthy Living

Living Healthy is a choice that you make everyday. It is a lifestyle. It is reflective of your desire to feel and BE your best version of yourself. It is a choice to look within at what is working, and what is not and be willing to make changes in those areas that need attention to gain the Health, Healing, and Happiness you desire.

The Healthy Living Personal Program

When you decide to join the 6 week Healthy Living Personal Program, you have decided that it is time for your health, your healing, and your happiness to become your priority. 


This program is completely personalized to attend to your current health issues, provide you the tools to begin healing your body and mind, and create true and lasting happiness for yourself.

You will receive:

Weekly one on one live virtual meetings (duration 1 hour) to guide you on how to achieve optimal health and healing.

Energetic Herbalist Coaching - learning what natural herbs can support your current conditions and how to incorporate these natural medicines into your daily routines

Nutrition Consulting - food is our ultimate medicine, and everything that we consume has a positive or negative effect on how we feel. In this section, I will provide a personalized program for you to follow to clear out the toxins and inflammation in your body so that you can begin experiencing increased energy, focus, and vitality.

Trauma Release - in this section, we will go deep into the root of the patterns that have been governing your life, opening the door for you to take back your personal power and begin living in your truth in the now.

Movement - Our physical bodies need movement and each is different in this area. I will guide you on how to incorporate movement that is beneficial to your body type to increase serotonin levels and bring about happiness.

Creativity and Connection - In this section of the program, we will delve into your creative juices and your innate connection to nature and how this effects all around you.

Are you ready to get started?

Click on the 'It's time for me to Live Healthy' button below.

If not now, when?

Plant-based diet
Food as medicine

The Energetic Herbalist Apothocary

Coming Soon!!!

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