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Sacred Healing Ceremonies


Mother Ayahuasca, where do I begin.

You have been the single pointed most transformational tool I have come across on my journey of life. You have opened my eyes to what lies beyond our three dimensional sight.


You have opened my mind to realizing my divine path of service.


You have opened my consciousness to recognizing itself, and you have opened my heart to being capable of releasing fear, anger, hate, and sadness, and welcoming in gratitude, love, joy and peace.

I knew from my very first calling to work with you that we would have a special relationship and innately I sensed that I would in some way be of service to this path of sharing the medicine.


That intuition was truth and shortly after my initial sessions, I sought out my path of study, and began my ‘internship’ program as the west would call it, under a Shipibo-based ceremonial shaman.


In the beginning of my studies, there was not a timeline, only to learn. The shaman tells you when you are ready to go out on your own, to facilitate.


I continued to serve more and more ceremonies, actively building my relationship with the medicine, practicing dietas, learning to work with the different energies that can present themselves, and how to hold space.

Sacred Medicine
Ayahuasca Retreat

After two years with him, the time had come where he felt I was ready to begin facilitating ceremonies as the lead rather than the assist, and in the winter of 2020 I began doing just that.


I now am blessed to be facilitating healing ceremonies with this beautiful master teacher plant, serving this magical medicine with those who so feel called.

Ayahuasca is such a challenging medicine to describe, as each person, and each ceremony that each individual sits is different from any other persons experience.


Mother ayahuasca is an internal journey, which is birthed through your personal intention to heal.


That healing may be in the form of releasing trauma for some, for finding their purpose for others. There is not a boxed ceremony experience that I can present, only that it will very likely be a life changing experience for most.


Ayahuasca is currently being studied in multiple areas of psychotherapy, and is showing incredible healing effects in relieving PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Ayahuasca is not something to be taken lightly however, nor is it a drug to be used for a recreational psychedelic experience. It is a very powerful medicine.


Ayahuasca is a very sacred medicine, that until recent times, only the shaman would partake of. Nowadays as the medicine has emerged out of the Amazon and into the western world, ceremonies have adjusted and traditions have been modified.


Participants now drink the brew of the mixture of Banisteriopsis caapi vine (ayahuasca vine) and Psychotria viridis (chacruna leaf) along with the shaman or facilitator.


Visions may be presented through the activation of dmt ingested in the chacruna leaf part of the blend, but are not always a part of the healing journey.

Ceremony, which typically lasts 8 – 10 hours and held overnight, can range from a pleasant experience to very challenging depending on the intention the person is working with, the energy of the group, the preparation of the individual, the intention of the shaman or facilitator, and the set and setting of the ceremony.


Each person within this ceremony will have their own, very personal, very different experience from the person next to them.


It is important for me to share this next point – I strongly discourage those only seeking the ‘experience’ of the medicine from taking ayahuasca.


You have to be ready for the work.


You have to be seeking change.


You have to approach with reverence for the hundreds of generations that came before preserving this medicine and its traditions so that we may have the opportunity to heal for the betterment of all of humanity as a species.


It is imperative you come to her with respect, an openness to healing, and gratitude for the opportunity. Then, through true intention and sitting ceremony the doors begin to open for the real work to begin through the integration of the lessons learned and how to apply them moving back into your day to day life.


If you are not seeking such a commitment to the process, and truly wishing to heal, this may not be the right time to partake in ceremony, or may possibly not be the correct medicine for you.


I encourage you to meditate on this and listen from your heart before jumping into any ceremony work.

If Mother Ayahuasca is truly calling to you, and you wish to learn more, or partake in one of my ceremonies please book a consultation.


I send you may blessings of Love, Light, and Healing.

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