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Awakening to the Light of Truth in a time of darkness

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

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I believe that we the people truly have the power to change the direction of humanity. I believe in freedom of speech and having the ability to receive the full truth so that we, as warriors of our own destiny, have the ability to make educated decisions based on factual evidence. With the media frenzy and the enormous amount of conflicting information out there today, it seems that confusion, fear, and oppression rule their motto.

“Now is our time to stand up, and stand united, as one.”

It is my honor to share the below video with you.

150 + medical professionals are included in this roundtable, expressing what they truly feel and believe in regards to our current world circumstance of the COVID-19 virus. In the below interview they discuss the topics of face masks and their efficiency, social distancing, the origin of the virus, the testing and reported COVID numbers that the mass media are sharing, vaccines, Bill Gates role in all of this, and the implications that all of this has had on church, state, economy, personal and professional lives.

If we are to truly take back our freedoms, we need to start listening to those that are trained in this field of expertise. I would never go to a computer software developer if I was experiencing dis-ease within my body as they are not properly educated or trained on the science of health.

So why is it that we are listening to parties with conflicting interests with big backed investing over the true medical professionals trained to recognize, diagnose, and treat illness?

Why are hospitals paid $39,000 usd for every person the put on a vent? Why are these medical professionals being silenced, censored, and ridiculed when they speak out about the truth of the circumstance? Why are we not demanding the answers to these whys and staying sheepishly within the illusion of fear created by the global agenda?

For myself, none of this sits ok. None of it feels right, truthful or for the people. I encourage everyone to listen to the innate voice inside and what your body is telling you. What do you believe? What do you feel? We must rise up in the Light of Truth in this time of darkness, or our liberties, freedoms, and our beautiful mother earth, will no longer be this place for our children, for our children’s children.

What will we tell our future generations about this critical time of choice?

Do we tell a story of awakening to our greatness and accepting nothing less than the truth and compassion for all, uniting, or will we tell them that we sat idly in our homes for a year, not standing up, not questioning, and accepting the infected information that they injected into us through media, conditioning, and fear?

It is my hope that this video, these doctors, will bring each and every one of us to the light so that we may rise up to our true power and heal humanity, creating a beautiful world for future generations to come.

Love n Light.. Namaste.. Irake.. Kabano

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