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Intuitive Readings

Spirit Messages

We are all born with innate psychic abilities.

Overtime as we grow older, and get busier with the worldly things, often this innate connection to spirit can fade and dwindle, but it is there inside of you.

Some of us are more fine tuned to our gifts, and enjoy tapping into them through divination, intuition and exercising our Clairs. 

I am one such person and find that calling in the energy of our ancestors and guides has power beyond our understanding.

Many times messages from the 'other side' need some assistance in decoding, and in addition to receiving imprints through my clair senses, the tools of divination can be quite helpful in assisting us to receive the message that Spirit wants us to hear.

What does spirit want you to know?

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psychic reading
Tarot reading

Tarot, Oracle & Dream Interpretation 

One of my favorite tools of divination is utilizing the cards. The practice is known as Cartomancy, and dates back nearly 3 centuries.

Cartomancy is the utilization of tarot and oracle cards to assist the reader in bringing through messages from Spirit for the sitter. 

These messages can often times hit the nail right on the head so to speak, and its always awe-inspiring to see the resonance of the cards as they come out and the relevance to the person receiving the reading.

If you are interested to see what Spirit would like to reveal to you through the cards, you can book your session here.

* Note: You will be redirected to my Spiritual Services website



Many blessings

Connnect with me
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